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 Ancestors and Inquices  New window
 Kongo-derived religions are based on veneration of named ancestors (Nkuyu), water spirits or remote ancestors (Simbi), nature spirits or remotest ancestors (Inquises), and the high god (Nzambi Mpongo).
 At the Crossroads: Afro-Cuban Orisha Arts  New window
 A multimedia exhibition at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida on traditional arts associated with the Afro-Cuban Orisha religion in Miami.
 ATR Pan-African Spirituality Forum  New window
 Discussion forum on all African Traditional Religions as practiced in Africa and the Diaspora, including Vodoun, Ifa, Orisha, Santeria, Candomble, Palo, Kemet. One-time registration is required to enter the ATR Forum.
 Basic Standards of Palo and Lukumi Beliefs  New window
 A detailed exposition of the differences and similarities between the deities, rituals, and practices of Kimbisa / Espiritismo / Palo Monte traditions on the one hand and Lukumi / Yoruba / Osha / Catholic traditions on the other -- and a path of syncretism that unites the two, especially in Cuba.
 Lydia Cabrera Bibliography  New window
 A lengthy ist of books on all aspects of African Diasporic religions in Cuba written by the renowned ethnographer Lydia Cabrera.
 National African Religion Congress (NARC)  New window
 Provides international directory of Priests and Priestesses of the Akan, Candomble, Haitian Voodoo, Yoruba, Lucumi, Santeria, and related religions of the African Diaspora. Discusses unity among practioners of all African based religions and gives information on up-coming NARC conferences and ceremonies.
 Organization of African Traditional Healers (OATH)  New window
 A nonprofit, religious, educational, and certification organization committed to the positive promotion of African Traditional Religions, and the legitimatization of ATR practitioners in the United States and its territories.
 Palo and Lukumi Organization  New window
 An interfaith religious web site administered by an elder priest of both the Palo and Lukumi traditions, providing guidance and assistance to the followers of these religions. Many families practice two or more African, Christian, or Spiritist belief systems; such syncretism is found throughout Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. This web site hosts an impressive and extensive archive of educational articles on all aspects of African Syncretism.

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