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 African Spirituality Versus the African American  New window
 Ideas and issues for African Americans considering the practice of West and Central African Traditional Religions.
 African Traditional Religion  New window
 Although there are cultural variations in belief among Africans, author Kwabena Dei Ofori-Attah believes they are not strong enough to blur the common strands that give Africa its distinctive religious character.
 African Traditional Religions  New window
 A short overview of the many Traditional Religions practiced among people of differing cultural, linguistic, and ethnic groups; gives names for the supreme deity in many African languages; part of a larger site on polytheism.
 Akan Cosmology and Symbolism  New window
 This site describes Akan cosmology and illustrates it through traditional Akan religious symbols, each of which encodes within its graceful lines a theological or moral belief or lesson. The integration of this rich traditional Akan symbolism into the Roman Catholicism of Ghana is shown, as well.
 Ancestors as Elders in Africa by Igor Kopytoff  New window
 Ancestor cults loom large in the anthropological image of Africa, but only certain dead with particular structural positions are worshipped as ancestors; this paper presents a study of ancestor and elder veneration among the matrilineal Suku of south-western Congo (Kinshasa).
 Fetichism in West Africa by the Rev. Robert Hamill Nassau  New window
 A reprint of the entire 1904 book "Fetichism in West Africa: Forty Years' Observation of Native Customs and Superstitions by the Rev. Robert Hamill Nassau, M.D. - S.T.D. for Forty Years a Missionary in the Gabun District of Kongo-Francaise," a valuable (albeit Christian) account of Congo religion in the 19th century.
 Ijaw and Ibo Beliefs: Self, Soul, and Afterlife  New window
 Death and the afterlife play a large role in the religion of the Ibo and Kalabari (part of the Ijaw) of Nigeria, who believe in worshipping spirits, in karma, and in the existence of each person's "two souls." An essay by Karen Hauser.
 Man and the Gods in Yoruba Art  New window
 An exhibit of Yoruba religious art, with brief explantions of the iconography of the deities depicted.
 Shona and Ndebele Religions  New window
 Hilde Arntsen, University of Oslo, presents an introduction to the Traditional Religions of Zimbabwe, whose people communicate with God through their deceased ancestors. Part of a larger site on all the religions of the nation, including Christiantiy and Traditional-Christian-Syncretic religions.
 Taking Back Our Gods and Holy Temples  New window
 A paper presented at the 1997 Association of Black Psychologists Annual Convention in Washington, DC, by Kwabena Faheem Ashanti, Ph.D., of North Carolina State University. Urges African Americans to replace Christianity and Islam with African Traditional Religions.

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