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 Buddhist Mandala - Sacred Geometry and Art  New window
 An article on the sacred symbol of Buddhism. Construction of Mandalas by monks from Buddhist monasteries is described.
 Earth-stars  New window
 Patterns of sacred geometry in the layout of ancient sites on the landscape. Includes leys, earth energies and spirit of place studies.
 Earth/matriX:  New window
 Science in Ancient Artwork is expressed in geometrical and mathematical terms, encoding images and messages. Includes various mathematical proofs!
 Flower of Life  New window
 What do Sacred Geometry, ancient traditions and the mysteries of the human spirit all have in common? The Flower of life and Drunvalo Melchizedek. Truths of the universe revealed.
 Geometry of Sri Yantra  New window
 Artistic and Historical Background. Historical Methods of Duplication. Modern Experiments in Construction.
 Human Form From Sacred Geometry  New window
 Discovery of the image of the human form in the patterns of reflective spheres clustered in a structure based on the geometry of the Great Pyramid.
 Introduction to the Geometer's Angle  New window
 Nexus Network Journal column by artist Mark A. Reynolds, on the subject of sacred and contemplative geometry.
 Native American Geometry  New window
 A physical, proportional geometry that originates from the simple circle.
 Pythagoras Institut  New window
 Heilige Geometrie, Heilige Wissenschaft, Flower of Life, Floweroflife (In German)
 Sacred Geometry Discovery  New window
 Geometric forms within an Art of Memory reveal the Decalogue and the Tree of Life; a guide to discover sacred geometry

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