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 What is Religion Explorer?
Religion Explorer is a powerful crawler based search engine that searches only in religion related sites.
Our goal is to provide the freshest indices with the most powerful search features which will allow anyone to find any information about religion faster than with any other search engine.

 How to search?
You can can ask Religion Explorer to search not only for the set of words, but also for the whole phrase. To search for phrase, just surround it with quotation marks, like this:

     "many years ago"

Phrase searching considerably improves results, and this feature is rated to be the most useful by people.

If you do know the exact phrase, but forgot a singe word in the middle of the phrase, you can use askerisk mark (*) instead of that word. So, query

     "many * ago"

will return results with phrases like "many years ago", "many days ago" etc.

Boolean search is a search with logical expression. Expression can be composed using AND and OR operators, subexpressions can be grouped using parenthesis. Example:

     (some OR any) AND (days OR months OR years)

Subexpression in parenthesis can be another boolean expression or just word, pattern, or phrase.

You can exclude the word from search by putting a minus sign before it. So, pages with that word will be excluded from search results. Example:

     search engine -proprietary

Search by pattern allows to search documents containing words that match specified pattern. Character '?' means any character, character '*' means sequence of any characters. For example, to find all documents containing words beginning with provider, type:


Religion Explorer allows to narrow search up to one or few sites. For example, to find all documents containing word bubble on site, type:

     bubble site:

The same way, if you want results from all sites parked at (like,,, you can just type:

     bubble site:

You can even use site: org to get results from all .org domains that are indexed.

Excluding the results from given site(s) are done in the same way:

     bubble -site:

Several site: limits can be used together.

You can also narrow result to pages modified (or created) within specified time period, which can be set in few ways: some time back from now, before/after given date, or between two dates. For example, you can narrow results to pages those were modified not earlier than one week ago.

And finally, you can find all pages those link to specified page, like this:


It will show you all pages in the database that have links to

You can combine any of the above facilities, as far as it makes sense.

 How to interpret results?
1. Search field
 Input box with expression, for which these result page are generated. You can type the new query expression here.
2. Search button
 Click this button to perform the new query.
3. Search time
 Shows elapsed time for this search action.
4. Results statisics line
 This line displays the total number of sites or URL`s found and the range of results displayed on this page.
5. Ordinal number
 Ordinal number of the found site or URL.
6. Page title
 Title of found page.
7. New window
 Open page in a new window.
8. URL
 URL of found page.
9. More results
 If there are more than two results from the same site, the remaining results can be accessed by clicking on "More results..".
10. Page size
 Size of found page.
11. Cached
 Clicking the cached link will enable you to see the contents of the web page as of the time we indexed it. If for some reason the site link does not connect you to the current page, you can still retrieve the cached version and may find the information you need there. Your search terms are highlighted on the cached version.
12. Related sites
 Link to see sites related to the found page.

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